How to Value Yourself and Become a Valuable Person.

Photo by Samson Katt

We are naturally drawn to those with self-confidence – that comes hand in hand with valuing ourselves.

We need to grow beyond our own embedded ways of thinking, of speaking to people, of assumed ideas to become mature enough to be a truly valuable person to ourselves and to others. It has never been more important than in these unusual times.

Yes, travel that isn’t confined to the 5 Star Hotels and tourist environs can be very instructional and eye-opening. An interesting book about that is “Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World” by Rita Golden Gelman. Yet much more of value, in my opinion, is what’s right in front of us every day.

Become friends, actual friends, with persons both much younger and older than you, persons that look and speak differently than you do – that eat different foods. In particular, the wisdom of elders and children is astonishing. Talk with them, not at them, better still…just listen. Ask questions and just listen. Eat their foods, if you are lucky enough to have the chance – even better if they choose to share their beliefs about spirituality and the world through their eyes. People from a different regions of our own country, their experiences and thoughts can be as interesting and enlightening as someone who was born in a tent or villa.

Soften your words and sharpen your ears lest something really important might slip by when you are preparing what you want to say next. This is how to become valuable, to be open, to be a learner, a student of new and different ideas that you never might have been exposed to. To be kind. To think before reacting and take two or three breaths first.

Should these ideas change you and your opinions? Not necessarily. But being truly open and curious can change everything.

Value. Value added – it’s something we choose. It’s a gift we gift ourselves.

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

Stay safe,

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Psychotherapist (California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), artist, animal lover, SF Giants fan...I write mostly about daily life and psychology matters, concerns and disorders and how to get help or help yourself. I write about life and often laugh at it but I also write about very serious matters that affect our lives. I'm a psychotherapist (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) with a speciality in addiction, anxiety, depression, achievement, relationships and several other areas, which is work I particularly enjoy but the nature of it requires that I also enjoy other creative and physical pursuits. Personal: I love animals beyond a reasonable measure (reptiles excluded).
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