Make Self-Care A Priority In Tough Times

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As the pandemic wears on, most people are ready for a change of pace, moving from yoga pants and stretchy jeans to wanting to look and feel their best. The way you look on the outside can have a measurable impact on how you feel on the inside. Even if you’re not being seen by others, paying attention to your appearance can give you a nice little boost of self-esteem that can do wonders for your mental health. Talking with a licensed therapist through Valentino Therapy can also help you devise coping techniques that are specific to your unique life circumstances. 

Get Dressed

If you’re working remotely or stuck at home, it can be easy for your pajamas to turn into your outfit for the day. For your own mental wellness, it’s important to differentiate not only the days of the week but the hours of the day by having some sort of normal routine. According to VeryWell Health, it’s wise to maintain a daily schedule that includes set sleeping and waking times. Once you’re up, get dressed, even if you’re just in casual clothes. Shaving, doing your hair, and even putting on makeup can give you a brighter outlook. If you’re going out and about, take it up a notch and add some jewelry or aftershave just to create a sense of normalcy in your life.

Remember Personal Care

Feeling good about yourself isn’t just reflected in the way you dress. Maintaining skincare regimens and personal grooming practices are also important. Do your nails or try out that new hairstyle you’ve been considering. Find flattering exercise clothes and wear them out on a hiking path or trail to ensure you’re staying physically active — which, according to Psychology Today, can also help you stay motivated and upbeat. We all know how easy it is to feel down in the pandemic dumps, so tending to personal care can have a positive impact on your outlook and help stave off depression.

You Are What You Eat

Part of maintaining a healthy personal care routine includes not only physical fitness but also eating healthy foods. The pandemic has put all of us in a place where we’re probably eating greater volumes of poor quality snack foods than we typically do. A poor diet can lead to you feeling fatigued and even depressed — not to mention, bad for overall health. Depression-fighting foods are easy to come by and include dark berries, fatty fish, like salmon, yogurt, and lean meats like chicken. Dark leafy vegetables and fruits should replace whatever junk food you have in your cupboard. Try out new recipes so you feel like you’re pampering yourself with gourmet meals.

Mind Your Mental Health

Don’t let pandemic-related sadness and anxiety keep you down. In addition to taking good care of your body and your outward appearance, take time for yourself to mentally regroup. This might include meditating, yoga, or relaxation techniques that allow you to be centered, present, and in the moment. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask. Reach out to Valentino Therapy and be upfront about your struggles, especially if you feel depressed. This is a huge step in the right direction to help you rebound and move forward.

Design Your Environment

There’s no denying that we’re all spending a lot more time indoors than we ever have before. Make sure that your living space is a bright, vibrant, and comforting space to be. Take on household projects you might not have had time for before, open your windows to get rid of bad energy, and let in the fresh air. Open blinds to natural light and cultivate your green thumb by adding live plants to your decor. Having a tidy and organized environment can help relieve tension and family discord and make you feel more at peace, internally as well as externally.

The pandemic has changed much about the way we all live our lives on a daily basis, but mind-body-soul personal care is a critical element of getting through this unusual and challenging time. If you’re struggling, don’t wait to ask for help. Schedule an appointment with Valentino Therapy today. (415) 215-5363

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