What are the benefits of Online Therapy and Coaching?

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What are the benefits of Online Therapy and Coaching? I’ve heard about it but don’t know how it works.

Benefits of Online Therapy and Coaching
Online health is changing the way mental health services are delivered. Research has consistently proven its effectiveness in treating a wide range of mental health disorders with a variety of populations.

Online therapy and/or coaching offers a number of advantages that traditional, in-person therapy delivery may not. And, these advantages can benefit both the client and the clinician. There’s great flexibility in booking and you can choose between IM, telephone or video. The licensed clinician uses a required HIPPA site for privacy protection so you aren’t using Facetime or Zoon, etc. Your privacy is important.

Easy Access
Lack of easy access may be due to a client’s geographical distance, a lack of appropriate providers in a particular region or even a client’s inability to leave the home for many reasons.
With relative ease, a client and clinician can connect electronically

Not everyone who wants therapy or coaching can fit appointments into a 9-5 schedule. Job responsibilities, families, drive time to and from appointments and other time constraints can sometimes limit when someone is available. 

Clients and clinicians want flexibility to schedule appointments on a schedule that fits both their needs. Online services allow a clinician to set a realistic, flexible schedule that increases their availability.1  

Online, whether IM, telephone or video, counseling is convenient and we all like convenience. Clients can access help when they want to, how they want to and they can access help from wherever they are. Traveling or being home with a sick child used to mean a cancelled appointment but now clients can arrange to see their therapist no matter what is going on. With the internet being available almost anywhere now, being able to access help when and where you want it has never been easier. And, the growing population of tech savvy clients demands it. 

For some clients, fear of seeking mental health help and the associated stigma is real. They may fear others finding out they’re seeking help.2 Other clients may have issues with leaving their home or feeling safe in an office setting. Being able to engage in therapy in the comfort of their home or other secure space can eliminate these barriers and make some people feel more relaxed and receptive. 

Engaging online is comfortable for many people. People are increasingly turning to the internet for their emotional and psychological needs so the idea of seeking help online has become more mainstream. Surveys have found that almost 80% of Americans use the internet to see mental health information of some kind.

Cost Reduction
Online therapy and coaching can reduce costs. A client may not have time to drive to their therapist’s office on lunch hour, have an appointment and get back on time. But, they might be able to have a tele-session with you on a break.

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1. Langarizadeh, M., Tabatabaei, M. S., Tavakol, K., Naghipour, M., Rostami, A., & Moghbeli, F. (2017). Telemental health care, an effective alternative to conventional mental care: a systematic review. Acta informatica medica: AIM: journal of the Society for Medical Informatics of Bosnia & Herzegovina: casopis Drustva za medicinsku informatiku BiH25(4), 240-246.

2. Saeed, S. A., Diamond, J., & Bloch, R. M. (2011). Use of telepsychiatry to improve care for people with mental illness in rural North Carolina. North Caroline Medical Journal72(3), 219-222.

3. Elkin N. How America searches: Health and wellness. Opinion Research Corporation: iCrossing; 2008. pp. 1–17.

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  1. Steven sargeantk says:

    Sharon..i think I would like to work with you. Randy has someone though Kaiser. Imtrustbwe could work together. Melt me know what you think. Mondamo1@gmail.com.



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