How to Feel Better Fast!

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How to Feel Better Fast!

“I get so tense when I’m going to meet my boss do you have any suggestions on how to calm myself?”

Everyone has days where you feel “off”, anxious or unsettled.
There are ways to connect mind-body, feel more in control of your reactions and be grounded.

I like to take a Tai-Chi class, which balances and reconnects left brain/right brain, but to be candid sometimes it is very hard to get up and get there when I work late on paperwork and online client needs.

There’s another, much faster way that works almost instantly and even better when you are about to have a tense or intense experience like asking for a raise, confronting a friend or spouse about behavior that isn’t working, dealing with a difficult, demanding boss, etc.

You can even do this in public – to a degree, depending on your comfort level.

Put your palms together and rub them very vigorously for 2 or 3 deep, calm breaths which connect the two sides of your body making you feel calmer and more balanced.
This works best if you are standing or sitting with good posture – no slouching.
Then shake both hands as if you’ve just washed them and the towels are missing to dry off.

I’ve learned this is actually an ancient yoga practice used to quickly calm and balance a person’s feelings/emotions and it also promotes good health.

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